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Tue Feb 5 08:36:01 EST 2002

Revolution is runtime (i.e. compile on the fly)...RealBasic is , well, real 

  Programmers have been trapped in the paradigm of 'code/compile/test' for so 
long that they look at me as if I am from Mars when I mention the term 
'runtime'. They don't believe me when I tell them that they can skip the 
'compile' stage, and just test. AppleScript may do this, but that is 'Apple' 
on an 'Apple' platform only (yawn). Revolution is the ONLY environment that 
is closest to the promise of 'write once, run anywhere'. After trying 
Codewarrior Professional, and going through the Sun Java certification course 
to become intimate with Java, I can truly attest to this...everything else is 
'real basic' at this point (and really counter-productive IMHO).

  Now all we need is Windows CE support...then we can take over the world. 
They didn't call it 'Revolution' for nothing!



In a message dated 2/5/02 3:51:36 AM Atlantic Standard Time, Lorin Rivers

> REALbasic's Windows support improves with every release. We rarely 
> get complaints about it any more.
> >The fact is that REALBasic cannot edit or debug a Windows application on
> >Windows.  To develop a Windows application, you must build it on the Mac, 
> go
> >over to Windows, test it, then come back to the Mac to make changes.
> If changes are required, that's true.

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