defaultstack problem

John Cuccio jcuccio at
Tue Feb 5 02:05:01 EST 2002

Ok from my other post I think I figured out what is going on but I do not
understand why. Well I do a little bit.

When I was createing the new stack the first card was the last card. Since I
had to go to the stack at some point rev remebered the last/first card ie
the current card. So every time I was sendind the create card command  it
was all ways at the end.  When I restarted the standalone Rev set the
current card back to the first card of that stack,even though I said of last
card.  The work around was at startup to go to the last card of that stack.
I do not like this because now the screen flashes because of the way the
lock screen works. 

Can I set witch card is the current card with out going to the stack.

> Mac 8.1 Rev 1.1
> Background: I am using a rev stack like a db. Posting info to it. The problem
> below happens in the Developement & Standalone.
> on startup
> set the stackfiles of this stack to "stack2,stack2.rev"
> end startup
> on handler
> set defaultstack to "stack2"
> send "create card" to last card of stack "stack2"
> Put info into field 1 of last card
> set defaultstack to "stack1"
> end handler
> Rev keeps creating the new card after the first one. But puts the info into
> the last card. Same Problem even if I remove "of stack "stack2"" of line 2 of
> handler
> But If I do this:
> During the same time that the standalone is open and I create the stack Stack2
> then run the above handler it works fine. If I close the standalone then re
> open the standalone with out createing the stack, because the stack is already
> there, then the above handler does not work.
> I am unsure why one works and the other does not.
> Thank you

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