Does Applescript work?

Ian Summerfield iansummerfield at
Sun Feb 3 16:19:01 EST 2002

On 3/2/02 4:49 pm, "yves COPPE" <yvescoppe at> scribed:

>> on mouseUp
>>   put "tell application "&quote&"Finder"&quote&" to set the clipboard to
>> name of every process as text" into x
>>   put "tell application "&quote&"Finder"&quote&" to set the clipboard to
>> "&quote&"test"&quote into x
>>   put "set the clipboard to "&quote&"test"&quote into x
>>   put x
>>   put empty into card field "Procs"
>>   do x as AppleScript
>>   select text of card field "Procs"
>>   paste
>> end mouseUp
>> _
> I ask you something, perhaps it is a little "stupid" but who knowsŠ
> you write each time : into x
> shouldn't be better "after" x
> from the second line
> "into x" is for the first time then you must write "after" x
> I have not much experience, I'm not sure of what you mean, but I'd write it so
> Hope this help to resolve your problem

It's intentional,  you can comment out two of the three to try different
tests.   AppleScript just won't behave on my machine,  it's very strange.
Both under OS 9 and OS X it doesn't give results,  it's also as though RR
gives up on it.  I've since found switch out of RR and back in can make it
work...very strange.   Anyway, I've found another way that avoids the use of
AppleScript.  I'm an old Hypercard programmer, so I do tend to do things the
long way!


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