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Sat Feb 2 05:58:09 EST 2002

At 1:33 AM -0800 2/2/2002, Marcus Bointon wrote:
>I'm not familiar with printing in Revolution, but in other environments I'd
>expect this to be done by constructing your page to be printed offscreen
>(does rev have an "offscreen"?), and from there you can either send the page
>to be printed or render it as a low-res bitmap to display on screen.
>Is this kind of thing possible in Rev?

Sure. In fact revPrintText and revPrintField could be set up to do this,
and I'm going to feature request it to the developers (in their copious
free time ;-).

It's not exactly done by drawing into an offscreen buffer, generally -
instead you set up a stack (which can be hidden), place all your data to be
printed in it, then use the print card command. (This command is the basis
of Revolution printing.) In essence the stack is used as the offscreen

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