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> At 12:00 PM -0800 2/1/2002, yves COPPE wrote:
>> Is it possible to have a preview of what you plan to print (to see
>> the format of your print project) and then cancel the print to save
>> some paper or some ink ?
> Not within Rev itself.
> But there's a shareware print driver called "Print2PICT" that will do it if
> you are on a Mac - you just choose it in the Chooser. I don't have the
> website for it, but googling should find it and it might be helpful.

I'm not familiar with printing in Revolution, but in other environments I'd
expect this to be done by constructing your page to be printed offscreen
(does rev have an "offscreen"?), and from there you can either send the page
to be printed or render it as a low-res bitmap to display on screen.

Is this kind of thing possible in Rev?

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