Animation Manager in version 1.1.1B1

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Fri Feb 1 15:58:01 EST 2002


I have been going through Hello World tutorials this week on a Windows 98 SE 

While performing the Animation Manager tutorial, I encountered several 

1) After creating an animation, pressing the reset button (created earlier in 
the tutorial) that triggered the card's PreOpenCard handler to relocate the 
field to an arbitary off card location would disable the animation. 

2) I noticed that physically relocating the field "My New Field" with the 
Animation Manager closed would result in changes to the parameters of the 
created animation, as if the animation was still open in the Animation 

3) I also encountered some difficulties that led to my having multiple 
animation on the card and the Animation Manager did not seem too happy with 
that. Sometimes I could not activate key frames, for example. Deleting all of 
the animations that I could find and starting over seemed to help.

While it is not necessary for my purposes, I would be happy to forward the 
stack to RunRev for review if you think that is necessary, but I am not 
certain where I should send it.


Scot McConnachie, scotmc3 at

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