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Tim tim11 at
Fri Feb 1 09:06:01 EST 2002

On 2/1/02 6:05 AM, "yves COPPE" <yvescoppe at> wrote:

>> Go to Distribution Builder, click on the Stacks tab, in there, on the bottom
>> you'll see: Keep substacks in main file/Move substacks into individual
>> files. Choose the latter, and it should be OK.
>> --
>> Tim
> The building stops at the message :
> "Now setting Profile options on stack SpecificationŠ"
> I have no stack "Specification" in my filesŠ
> The result is nothing worksŠ
> What ?
> Thanks.

I just built a distribution as a test in the following manner and it worked

Test.rev has Test as the main stack and one substack called SubTest. In the
Basic Options Tab, I checked Create folder for substack called "data".
Distribution Type: Standalone.
Platform: MacOS X

In the stacks tab:
I added Test.rev to the stack files, stacks in file: test and SubTest
Move substacks into individual files
Auto apply stackfiles information to mainStack

Clicked Build Distribution and a folder was created called
Standalone_MacOSX_testing which has the actual standalone called "testing",
and a data folder which has another folder containing the substack SubTest.
I don't know if the Profile manager has anything to do with your particular
problem. Maybe someone else could chime in on this issue.

Hope that helps,

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