Building a file

Tim tim11 at
Fri Feb 1 04:47:01 EST 2002

On 2/1/02 3:55 AM, "yves COPPE" <yvescoppe at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I've a stack :
> - main stack is the splash screen
> - many substacks with data and scripts
> I'd like to build a stand alone or a file with this condition :
> I want to make some upgrade and amelioration to my scripts later
> without loosing my data. So I'd like my substacks are editable in RR.
> I've tried to build my application but I don't find the trick.
> When I look in the data folder, I don't find the substacks.
> I add that I've changed the name of the data folder in the "build" stack.
> Makes that any difference.
> Which options must I check before building to get what I whish ?
> Thanks.

Go to Distribution Builder, click on the Stacks tab, in there, on the bottom
you'll see: Keep substacks in main file/Move substacks into individual
files. Choose the latter, and it should be OK.

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