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Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Fri Feb 1 00:25:01 EST 2002

I, too would pay for a seperate version for PocketPC or Palm.
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  I would pay for a seperate version (i.e. the Pocket PC version of
Revolution) if that's what you have to do! Doesn't anyone else see the value
in this capability? Think 'wireless' Pocket PC and maybe the light bulbs
will go on...


    > Wouldn't it be great if we could program in TranScript for PalmOS and
    > PocketPC too?  :-)

    We're looking at these, though Palm really has a very different OS so is
    most unlikely.  However the other one wouldn't be so hard and might well
    happen if we get enough requests.

    Kind regards,


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