How to get printer info

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Tue Dec 31 07:17:01 EST 2002

I feel embarrassed asking questions that must have been asked before, 
but I've looked at the 1.1 docs, had a bit of a search with Google, 
and browsed the excellent links provided by Richard, Ken and others, 
but I can't find out if the Revo developer gets any feedback from the 
'Page Setup' dialog which can be invoked with RevShowPrintDialog, or 
has any other access to printer parameters.

AFAIK on both Mac and Windows, the dialog will return parameters to 
the app, stating the paper size chosen by the user and the printable 
area within the page, and probably a lot of other stuff. Clearly in 
general one needs this info to print - even on my modest home inkjet, 
size (chosen by the user outside the control of the application) can 
vary from US letter to A6 card, not to mention from portrait to 
landscape, and I need to know what the user has chosed so as to 
format my output accordingly - but this problem must have come up 
many many times. The Google search seemed to reveal that this was a 
'blind spot' in Revo 1 but might be on the wish list for version 2.0.

Can anyone clarify and/or suggest workarounds, including XCFNs/DLLs 
(provided one can get equivalent functionality on different 
platforms)? I really have no idea what kind of printers my users will 
be using, and I have no access to any detailed info about 2.0's 
report printer.

          Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK & France

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