invisible buttons - non-clickable??????

Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Dec 30 14:18:01 EST 2002

>>> Ok, I make a button visible and it works fine. If it is invisible,
>>> however, it does not work. Is that really the intended functionality? That
>>> seems really stupid. How can I make an invisible button that works?

>> Making something invisible is not "stupid", it allows you to easily
>> hide/disable any control at will.  What you want to create is a transparent
>> button which you can do by disabling the default display properties of the
>> button: showName, showBorder, threeD, and showHilite.  You can also use
>> graphics as transparent buttons by setting the filled to true and the ink
>> effect to "noop".

> One more thing: using OSX appearance manager, transparent buttons are not
> transparent, they block out everything else. Why is that?

Try setting the ink effect of the button to "noop".  If a button object
still isn't working for you, you can use a graphic object as suggested


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