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<< Schizophrenia is a disease, DID is not. Just thought

I'd clear that up.

Jan Schenkel.


I'm sorry to go off thread, but I wouldn't like the above to be assumed to be 
universally accepted.  Prof Bentall in his excellent book "Reconstructing 
Schizophrenia"  describes it as a disorder with no specific cause, no 
specific symptoms, no specific treatment, and no specific outcome.  If you 
stretch the concept of 'disease' to encompass schizophrenia, it would 
arguably contain most psychopathology, including DID.

To camoflage the offthreadedness of the above......... I had a nice moment 
today when I accidently ungrouped and generally messed up objects I had 
carefully grouped (and put a fairly sizeable script in the group).  I only 
noticed far too late to undo.  I morosely selected them all and grouped them. 
 I noticed that the group automatically assumed the name of the previous 
group.  This raised a smile.  Then I found that the resurrected group 
contained the original script.   This caused a cackle of delight.

How does that happen?  Does a group survive its objects being ungrouped if it 
is only placed on one card??  

Best wishes,

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