Yet another menu question

Klaus Major k_major at
Mon Dec 30 12:20:01 EST 2002

Hi Howard,

>> Labels of buttons CAN have multi-line names !
>> You can force a new line in the label (and ONLY there) by adding
>> \n, where a linebreak should appear.
>> This is the\nlabel of me
>> Results in:
>> This is the
>> label of me
>> Very cool feature :-)
> Klaus,
> Are you sure about this?
> When I set the label of a button in Rev to "the\nlabel" it appears in 
> the
> button as "the\nlabel". The "n" isn't escaped by the \ and everything
> remains on one line.

Oooops, you are right...

I works in MetaCard, RR uses the same engine so i will have to
pass the question over to scotland...

Why does that not work in RR (1.1.1 and 2.0xx) ???
Please make it work there, too...

> ???
> Howard Bornstein


Klaus Major
k_major at

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