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Ken Ray kray at
Sat Dec 28 14:16:01 EST 2002

> What word would you suggest for "a group or background whose
> backgroundBehavior is true".  Are we to use that long phrase?

I've always used the term "shared groups".

> What word would you suggest for "a group whether referenced as a group
> or as a background"?

A "group". Keep in mind that the whole concept of "a background" is only
there for HyperCard compatibility. The object type is "group", regardless of
what its properties are. So you need to think of it as "groups" that are
either shared with other cards, or not. This is like the "sharedText"
property of a field or the "sharedHilite" of a button; just because it is
sharing a property is no reason to call it by some other name than its given
object type.

Just my $0.02 that has kept me sane over the years...

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