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> << Hi David,
> I gather you're using a 'scale' control? In that
> case,
> the last tab in its Properties is 'Scrollbar' -- as
> RunRev treats scale objects as a special type of
> scrollbar.
> There you have the 'Start value, 'End value' and
> 'Thumb position' properties.
> Suppose people can rate from 1 to 5, and the default
> should be 3, then set these up as:
>   set the startValue of scrollbar 'Foo' to 1
>   set the endValue of scrollbar 'Foo' to 5
>   set the thumbPosition of scrollbar 'Foo' to 3
> Hope this helped,
> Jan Schenkel. >>
> Thanks Jan, but (for various reasons) I am not using
> a scale control.   I am 
> using 15 buttons arranged edge to edge in a line. 
> The middle button 
> represents 'neutral' (scored zero), and that is
> where I want the pointer to 
> appear, when the image-to-be-rated appears.   Sorry
> I wasn't clearer in the 
> original post.  I wanted something like 'show
> pointer at the loc of button 
> neutral'
> Bill Vlahos'  suggested set the screenMouseLoc to
> globalLoc(the location of 
> button "one") looks the business.  The only question
> remaining is whether  I 
> should have worked it out for myself.
> Thanks again to you both.
> Best wishes,
> David Glasgow

Hi David,

Actually when I read Bill's reply, I realised I had
misread your question. At the risk of getting Rob
Cozens on me for interface guideline tiranny ;-) --
though setting the screenMouseLoc is possible, most
users find it quite confusing that the cursor is
suddenly somewhere else.

At any rate, don't feel bad about not finding it
yourself ; when I first saw this property in the docs,
I didn't expect you could 'set' it as well.
Oh, and speaking of the docs: they state it doesn't
work on MacOS X under RunRev 1.1.1

Hope this helped nonetheless,

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."  (La Rochefoucauld)

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