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David Vaughan dvk at
Fri Dec 27 02:31:01 EST 2002

On Friday, Dec 27, 2002, at 18:11 Australia/Sydney, Ron wrote:

> Greetings,
> More menu madness. I assigned cmd-Z as the keyboard equivalent to 
> 'close all
> windows'. Built a standalone. Tried cmd-Z and nothing happened. But I
> selected text, deleted it and pressed cmd-Z. The deleted text 
> reappears.
> Alternately appearing/disappearing with each press of cmd-Z, just like 
> an
> undo/redo feature.
> Is this a feature? bug?

Ron, call it what you will. Just please don't go redefining a command 
key (for Undo) which has existed in all Mac OS since the mid-eighties. 
Have a look under any app's Edit menu. What are you trying to do to 
your users? Cmd-W is "standard fare" for close window, with an Option 
key modifier for closing all windows.

> OS 9.2.2 and 1.1.1
> thanks
> Ron
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