Track which button a user clicks?

Dar Scott dsc at
Thu Dec 26 14:26:00 EST 2002

On Tuesday, December 24, 2002, at 09:55 AM, Mike Bleed wrote:

>  I am trying to implement an activity log or event tracking piece to my 
> stack.  I want the program to record in a file all of the user's 
> interactions. 

Here is an idea that comes to my mind.  It is related to something I 
have been considering.

Maybe you can have an object that has handlers for each event you want 
to log.  Make that a front script.  Each handler would log its name & 
the target and then pass.

I think somebody explained how to get the target.

I think the problem is how limit this to your own stack.  I assume you 
don't want to log all interaction with development stacks during 
development and testing.  Some half-baked ideas:  look for the stack in 
the long name of the target, check the tool, check whether the stack is 
a standalone.

(This limitation is important in what I am trying to do.  I want to have 
a generic "right-click" for all controls, but I don't want to interfere 
with the development "right-click".)

Another problem is knowing when to insert and remove the script.

Dar Scott

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