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Rob Cozens rcozens at
Sat Dec 21 16:31:01 EST 2002

>a number
>of listers did not receive that digest as it was filtered out on the
>recipients end by ever vigilant anti spam software that took offence at the

Heather, et al:

This and the incident you reported when your ISP was flagged because 
of some other users' actions make me wonder what kind of control 
freaks are working for the anti-spam police.  If my ISP filtered my 
mail and decided whether or not I should get it based on content, I 
would find myself a new ISP post haste.

Eudora rates my eMail on a scale of offensiveness (0 - 3 "flames") 
based on content and emphasizes "offensive" words.  It has no concept 
of context, and I often chuckle about its warning that my totally 
innocuous statement could be offensive.

We don't need content police...and most especially automated ones. 
It's bad enough the US Supreme Court has ruled the computer has final 
say regarding whether my legally-cast vote will be the 
computer is going to determine which of my mail I can and can't see?

George Orwell was a prophet.

Happy Holidays!
Rob Cozens, CCW

"Where but America can the person who lost the popular vote become 
President without a coup?"

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