Stack file organisation

Ted tedl at
Sat Dec 21 15:10:01 EST 2002

Richard Gaskin wrote:

After rebuilding the card did the problems go away fo good?


Were the new cards in any way different from the old ones (scripts,
properties, etc.)?

The new cards were *exactly* the same. All cards were created from the
toolbar, and the properties were left untouched except for the card name and
script. In each case, I did a *Select All* and *Copy* on the offending card's
script and objects (with Show Invisible Objects on), and I pasted everything
onto the new card. That was it. Once on the new card, everything worked

But in Rev/MC, when you experience symptoms that may appear to be simlar to
HC corruption it may be more effective to look for different remdies. In
most cases, if you rebuild the card _exactly_, you'll reproduce the problem

If you just suggested user error, you certainly did it tactfully. :-)

Actually, in such cases, I'm praying that it's my fault. But it appeared not
to be--especially since these cards clearly exhibited odd behavior during the
most elementary of troubleshooting tests. Extensive assaults on these cards
from different angles (show, hide, move, put, etc.) convinced me that the
cards themselves were simply clinkers. So alas, the culprit wasn't I, but that
is always a bittersweet discovery, isn't it?

Considering that I'm the only one who has responded about this particular
issue, it appears to be uncommon across the board. If it ever happens again, I
will send the offending card to RunRev for analysis.


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