groups and background

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Fri Dec 20 05:05:00 EST 2002

Dar Scott wrote 02.12.20 01:18 AM:
>> All bg is unrelated, and control on card:
>>    control --> card --> bg4 |
>>                         bg3 |
>>                         bg2 v
>>                         bg1 --> stack
>> All bg is unrelated, and control is included in bg3:
>>                bg4 ( no message )
>>    control --> bg3 --> card --> stack
>>                bg2 ( no message )
>>                bg1 ( no message )
>I guess the idea is that if a control is in a group, even a background 
>group, it is in the environment of that group or groups.  But if the 
>control is directly on the card it is in the environment of the card as 
>modified by background groups.
>Even so, I am not able to rationalize why groups on the card or nested 
>groups and controls within those do not have a message path like the 
>first case.

About the first case, I think for compatibility with Hypercard.

IF it is so,
Rather the second case includes a problem. It is NOT right that a
message of control in a background is carried to a card.

We have to recognize this. A thing having both of perfect-logical and
HyperCard-compatibile is impossible.

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