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Ted wrote:

> With regard to corruption as you defined it, I've had two instances in
> Revolution. In both cases, a card would start acting *funny*; that is, its
> performance would degrade, known working scripts would do nothing, and
> ultimately, even the simplest of scripts from the message box would have no
> effect on the card. Restarting Revolution would yield the same result. The
> remedy was to copy the card script and all the objects to a new card, and then
> delete the old card.
> In addition, I've had two instances in which the editing functions of a card
> script window would degrade: text selection would misbehave to the point of
> being nonworkable, and scrolling would take on a life of its own. In those
> cases, too, restarting had no effect; copying out the scripts and objects and
> deleting the card was the only fix.

After rebuilding  the card did the problems go away fo good?  Were the new
cards in any way different from the old ones (scripts, properties, etc.)?

After fighting with Error 5454 for years in HyperCard, it's hard to grasp
just how far away you are from that.  I know: I used SuperCard exclusively
for years, and being a paged-memory xtalk it had similar issues.

But in Rev/MC, when you experience symptoms that may appear to be simlar to
HC corruption it may be more effective to look for different remdies.  In
most cases, if you rebuild the card _exactly_, you'll reproduce the problem

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