Stack file organisation

Ted tedl at
Thu Dec 19 15:01:01 EST 2002

Richard Gaskin wrote in part:

Ah - As Scott pointed out, the file isn't corrupted per se, you're just
attempting to open a partially-written file...

... what seems to be happening in your case is that something is
interruping the normal save operation...

Richard, thanks for clarifying the difference between an incomplete save and
an actual corrupted file.

When this happened, I looked in the Revolution troubleshooting documentation,
which states:

"...If you find a stack file whose name ends in ~, it means the save operation
wasn't completed successfully. If this happens, delete or move the original
stack file (which may have been corrupted by the incomplete save)..."

My reading of this is that an original stack *may or may not* be corrupted
after an incomplete save.

With regard to corruption as you defined it, I've had two instances in
Revolution. In both cases, a card would start acting *funny*; that is, its
performance would degrade, known working scripts would do nothing, and
ultimately, even the simplest of scripts from the message box would have no
effect on the card. Restarting Revolution would yield the same result. The
remedy was to copy the card script and all the objects to a new card, and then
delete the old card.

In addition, I've had two instances in which the editing functions of a card
script window would degrade: text selection would misbehave to the point of
being nonworkable, and scrolling would take on a life of its own. In those
cases, too, restarting had no effect; copying out the scripts and objects and
deleting the card was the only fix.

I want to emphasize again that, in my experience with Revolution, these things
are rare.


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