Stack file organisation

Ted tedl at
Wed Dec 18 14:51:01 EST 2002

I wrote:

I've had one corrupt stack in Rev. It was in the development environment, and
the cantModify was false.

Richard Gaskin wrote in part:

How long ago was this? ...cases of actual
corruption in a Rev stack are extremely rare.

This was some months ago, approximately last spring. I've used Revolution
since the beta trials, and I've saved thousands of times. In that time I've
had one corrupted stack, so in my experience it *is* rare.

It happened as Roger Eller mentions in his post below.

I have been wondering about this corruption thing myself. On 3 occasions,
my stacks have become corrupted during normal use; twice on a Mac and once
on a PC. Lucky for me, the Rev team has built a catch for this, and the app
automatically generates a backup file which is named with the extension
..rev~. All I had to do was delete the corrupt file, then delete the "~"
from the backup file and everything worked normal again. My stacks DO save
during normal operation. Maybe the RunRev team can provide some info on
what actions cause stack corruption and how to prevent it.


Original message:

Sarah wrote in part:

Has anyone had a corrupt stack in Rev? I presume setting the
cantModify would prevent anything like this.

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