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tkuypers at pandora.be tkuypers at pandora.be
Sat Dec 14 05:20:01 EST 2002

I know I must be doing something wrong, but what is the syntax for sending
applescripts to Adobe InDesign?

Contents of vScript is:
tell application "InDesign 2.0.1"
set theDocument to active document
set find preferences to nothing
set change preferences to nothing
search for "fourth" in theDocument replacing with "4th"
end tell

But when I use 
     send vScript to program "InDesign 2.0.1"
Nothing happens...

When running the above script in ScriptMaker nooooooooo proplem...

I had the same problem in Supercard a while back...
The command in SC is
     get script(do,"AppleScript",vScript)

But this (duhhh) doesn¹t work in RR...

Who can help, who has experience with this???

Many thanks in advance,

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