Barry Levine themacguy at
Thu Dec 12 16:29:01 EST 2002

"selectGroupedControls" - well, I look at it and see "select the entire 
group". If they wanted it to mean "select individual controls within 
the group" it might have been better named "selectIndivCntrlInGroup" 
although I can see that the number of letters in the property (and the 
number of times I cause anyone else to respond to this diatribe) can 
get out of hand.  (*grin*)

The important thing is that I am clear on it now.

However, it's interesting that selecting the individual controls that 
have been grouped once permits you to group them yet again. This gives 
them an additional script (under the new group ID).  I don't see a use 
for this but I'm sure someone will tell me. (*yet another grin*)

Seriously: I really do appreciate all the help I've received from the 
listas. Problems have been resolved and I've been able to get work out 
the door. So thank you - all of you.


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