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> The problem: when the template group is copied from the last card to
> the first, the checkboxes and radio button settings are LOST - the
> group appears with all items deselected. Checking the stored value of
> these items' properties by using the messagebox, I see that they are
> either empty, or set to false - even though the group they were
> supposed to be copying had these properties as  'true'. More to the
> point: if I manually (not via script) go to the last card, select the
> group, copy it, go to the first card, and paste it, the items in the
> group KEEP their hilites!


I have run into problems like this myself.  While your application of grps
is probably a bit different then mine what follows may be of some assistance
to you.

I have found that when I copy a grp all of the group's component objects get
completely new id numbers ( makes sense when you stop to think about it). If
you aren't naming the grp's components there can be a problem. This arises
most often in the situation where you are using object ids to reference the
grps component objects in scripts. In your template the scripts are all
refeerring to object ids. When you copy the template Revolution dutifully
copies all ther grp's components AND gives each one a unique id.  Your
script is now useless.  Naming all the component objects in your template
grp prevents this.

Hope this helps.


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