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>> Just to be boringly pedantic, whiskey is US or Ireland, here in
>> Scotland it's whisky.
> The first time I went to the United States I was surprised to get
> 'Whisk(e)y is used for Rye or Burbon', I was told.
> 'If you want scotch, then say scotch'

Like other staple goods ;-) the name gets applied to the indiginised prodcut
- corn can be maize wheat or oats (others too for all I know). In Banffshire
(Scot.) in my youth 'bread' meant oatcakes. If you wanted a leavened wheat
loaf it was 'loaf'.

Could 'Revolution' become the default term for application development
software (obvious attempt to introduce on-topic element and to improve
chances of gaining whisky)

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