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Barry Levine wrote:

> Does anyone else think that the following explanation of this property
> is counter-intuitive?
>> When you click a grouped control, you can select either the control
>> itself or the group of which it¹s a part. Which one is selected is
>> controlled by the selectGroupedControls property. If this property is
>> true, clicking a grouped control selects only the control. If it is
>> false, clicking any control in a group selects the group.
> Hmmm.... so if the selectGroupedControls is true my ability to select
> the group is false but if the property is false my ability to do so is
> true.

Seems clear enough:  it's the controls within the group being discussed, not
the group itself.

Think of it as the subselect tool in most drawing programs (that's how I've
implemented it in a drawing package I'm working on).
> Are you sure that an accountant didn't define this property? Debits and
> credits and bears, oh my!

It gets worse if you work in a bank, as the difinitions od debits and
credits flip depending on which side of the teller window you're on. ;)

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