Copying a group does not copy all properties of group items

Dan Friedman dan at
Wed Dec 11 17:10:01 EST 2002


I have the same problem.  If I use:

Copy group "x" of card y to card z

It performs just as you are describing.  However, if I do this:

Lock screen
Go cd y
Select group "x"
Go cd 1

Then it works fine.  This behavior is not good for me because I don't want
to destroy the clipboard.  But, perhaps it will work for you.

> The problem: when the template group is copied from the last card to
> the first, the checkboxes and radio button settings are LOST - the
> group appears with all items deselected. Checking the stored value of
> these items' properties by using the messagebox, I see that they are
> either empty, or set to false - even though the group they were
> supposed to be copying had these properties as  'true'. More to the
> point: if I manually (not via script) go to the last card, select the
> group, copy it, go to the first card, and paste it, the items in the
> group KEEP their hilites!

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