[OT] All this talk of Whisky...

Manuel Companys mcompanys at mac.com
Tue Dec 10 13:04:00 EST 2002

Le mardi, 10 déc 2002, à 17:46 Europe/Paris, Rod McCall a écrit :

> As the word "whisky" has popped up on this list a bit recently we've 
> decided to give away a bottle of single malt to one of our users. 
> Basically all you have to do is post a *relevant* message to this list 
> between now and Christmas day. We will then pick a person at random 
> and send them a bottle of single malt whisky!

Gee!  Sounds wonderful!

But how many plural persons are going to get that nectar?

Just to know wether it's worth to be relevant enough... ;-)

Besides, that's a good example. Wouldn't it be nice to have plenty of 
bottles of Jerez, Vodka, Schnaps, Slivovitsa, Champagne, Akvavit , Raki 
...   eMailed to our tables?

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