Sequential Layout of Script-created Objects

Bernard Devlin revolution at
Sun Dec 8 20:44:02 EST 2002

> repeat with x = the number of controls of group "grpButtons" of stack down
> to 1

Cool... works beautifully.  I really, really like the HC paradigm, and xTalk,
and the principle of Metacard, and the implementation in Rev.

Thanks Jeanne and Richard for your help on this branch of my difficulties.  It
is fantastic to have such a patient and knowledgeable group to help those of us
new to HC to get up to speed.  I am anticipating distributing my first
commercial apps implemented in Rev in the next few months.  

And Jeanne, I have the "Hypertalk 2.2 Book" by my bed.  It is very good, and
I'm working my way through all 700+ pages!

(Incidentally, if anyone else would like a copy of this to supplement their
knowledge of Transcript, the iHUG is selling them for $10 - see

Regards, Bernard

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