Imported Images Are Darker

Ted tedl at
Sat Dec 7 14:19:01 EST 2002

Bill Lynn wrote in part:

I am converting a number of my older projects from Director to Rev. To
prepare the art, I copy it from the Director cast and paste it into Graphic
Convertor where I can do the necessary scaling, trimming and conversion to
..png format. When I import these images into Rev as controls, however, I
notice that they are noticeably darker than the original art.

Bill, have you tried setting the gamma correction value of your PNG images in
Graphic Converter?

The standard setting for Mac OS 9 is 1.8, and for Windows it's 2.2. Many
graphic artists set their images to 2.0--right between the two standard

An advantage to using gamma correction is that, once it's set to your liking,
your images should display almost identically across platforms.


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