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Fri Dec 6 02:18:01 EST 2002

>[apologies if this appears twice on the list - I'm still a bit confused about
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>I would like to make it as easy for users to insert accented characters.
>I know that in word-processing apps there are key combinations (e.g. 
>(pause) c" ) in Wordpad.  Some of my users are quite accustomed to this.
However this does not appear to work in a Rev field.

>Do I need a series of handlers that will intercept these keyboard combinations
>and insert the appropriate characters?  Or is there a setting in Rev that will
>enable these combinations for a specific OS?
>If this is feasible, I can imagine augmenting this with a scrollable 
>palette of
>buttons (the labels of which are generated from a user-modifiable list of
>accented characters) that would insert the appropriate character into a field.
>However, I can imagine a problem with the palette knowing which field should
>receive the character - I take it if the user has clicked in a field that this
>can direct the output of the palette button.
>Does this seem like the right way to go?  Will the introduction of Unicode in
>Rev 2.0 make all of this unnecesssary?

It is indeed possible to type accented letters in a field. You just 
click the accent key or umlaut or whatever first. Nothing is then 
seen in the field, thereafter you type the letter and voilà, the 
accented letter is there.

Accented letters are kept in text, as name of controls across 
platform, no problem. However, if you want to insert text with 
accented letters into a field by scripting, you have to take care 
when you change platform, either you have to use htmlText or MacToISO 
/ ISOtoMac.

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