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Thu Dec 5 19:24:04 EST 2002

On Dienstag, Dezember 3, 2002, at 05:32  Uhr, Troy Rollins wrote:

> On Tuesday, December 3, 2002, at 08:04 AM, Simtech Publications wrote:
>> Knowing what Director MX looks like I'm  more inclined than ever
>> to update all of my special educations programs in Rev instead of 
>> Director
>> so they run under Mac OS X. While Director MX itself looks lovely 
>> with its
>> new aqua interface it produces movies with almost none of the OS X GUI
>> elements, not even jellybean buttons, radio buttons or checkboxes. At 
>> least
>> not in the last beta that was available to us before they shut the 
>> tests
>> down. Completely unbelieveable! I hope for the sake of Director users 
>> that
>> the release version will correct this but I highly doubt it. For my 
>> part,
>> I'm switching to Rev.
> Glad to have you here, Bill. But, at my place anyway, we use both 
> Director and Rev. We use Rev when it has to look and work "like an 
> application." My point is - Director has *never* had the things you 
> mentioned, why would it now? That's not what it is about. Director is 
> aimed at those who want to design every last bit of the interface and 
> experience. We added Rev to our toolbox because Director is ill-suited 
> to developing "applications", however we still feel it is *extremely* 
> strong at its own field - multimedia, interactive, online...
> I, for one, am looking forward to D-MX almost as much as Rev 2.0

I think I understand Bill very well. My goal is to have one tool to 
build (author hasslefree) apps for any OS without a ticket to hell and 
back. that my it can run aon the, no matter if they are Mulitmedia 
Apps. Taht why I looking for a kind of this famous, non existing german 
"eierlegendewollmilchsau"-tool (let me try that in english: 
eggbreedingwoolmilkpork-tool). Because the main focus of my (maybe he´s 
too?) multimedia apps is not the authoring and scripting part. Its the 
UI, the content, the story, the idea, the multimedia features and so 
on. Thats why a lot of developing happens in other tools, and so we 
expect at only one for the authoring...

Bill, pls correct me if I did not understood you wright...

So, let us see what kind of animal will Rev 2.0 be, and how close it 
comes to the "eierlegendewollmilchsau" for the rest of us ;))

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