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erik hansen erikhans08 at
Tue Dec 3 19:47:01 EST 2002

thanks, Rob. the Dictionary says,
"The <message box> keyword indicates the message
"The two-word synonyms message box, message
window, msg box, and msg window can be used only
to show and hide the message box. To put a value
into the message box or read the value in the
message box, use the one-word forms message and

in MC i got good results using the name of the
msg stack and the msg text fld.

in RR, openstacks() includes "Message Box".
i would like to put the full name of the msg
field into a function theMsg() that would be tidy
in a script.

best to wait for 2.0, then see what works,
maybe create a field "myMsg" and use that.

--- Rob Cozens <rcozens at> wrote:
> >can one get the exact name of the msg fld &
> >stack?
> Hi Eric,
> I just played with this with ClickClock.  A
> handler would "put empty" 
> under certain conditions, and was opening the
> message box on 
> openStack.  I tried 'if the visible of window
> "Message Box"' without 
> success.  The way I got it to work was based on
> the fact that a 
> specific message had to be in the Message Box
> if I needed to clear it:
>      if there is a window "Message Box" then
>        if message is "Designate the minute by
> clicking on it." then put empty
>      end if
> I haven't a clue why 'if the visible of window
> "Message Box"' 
> wouldn't work.  If I remember corectly, "if
> message is not empty"  didn't work either.

erik at

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