Director MX and Revolution

Simtech Publications switchedon at
Tue Dec 3 08:11:01 EST 2002

> I think that there will be many Hypercard users starting to
> see the final writing on the wall and will be looking for
> another programme

I'm a long time Director user and I participated in the recent Director MX
beta tests. Knowing what Director MX looks like I'm  more inclined than ever
to update all of my special educations programs in Rev instead of Director
so they run under Mac OS X. While Director MX itself looks lovely with its
new aqua interface it produces movies with almost none of the OS X GUI
elements, not even jellybean buttons, radio buttons or checkboxes. At least
not in the last beta that was available to us before they shut the tests
down. Completely unbelieveable! I hope for the sake of Director users that
the release version will correct this but I highly doubt it. For my part,
I'm switching to Rev.

Cheers... Bill Lynn, Publisher
Simtech Publications

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