Scaling an Image, and more

JamesHBeckmann at JamesHBeckmann at
Mon Dec 2 22:22:01 EST 2002

In a message dated 12/02/02 12:39:25 AM, jeanne at writes:

>This same handler hides the image for me, after the three-second wait,
>Rev 1.1.1r2. (Is your stack doing anything else that might be interfering
>with the hide? Do you perhaps have "showInvisibles" set to true?)
>The above code just sets the image mechanically to the field's rect,
>without attempting to preserve its height/width ratio. To do that, you
>to do a bit more work. This ought to do it:

The scaling works great!

There is NO other script in this stack.  I checked the stack script and the 
cd script - entirely empty (this was a brand new practice stack).  "Hide 
image <Holder>" does not hide the image;  issuing this command from the 
message box does not cause it to disappear either.  I then tried the menu 
"Show invisible Objects" under view to make sure nothing was going on - REV 
crashed.  So I tried it again, x2, and it crashes every time on my machine.  
This stack was a brand new REV stack, not imported from HC.  So I created 
another new stack, no object scripts except the button that contains only the 
script we are discussing, and the image does not hide.

Can I do something different to accomplish this tasK?


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