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on 12/02/02 8:19 AM, Rod McCall at rodmc at runrev.com wrote:

>> I'm looking forward to the new features as much as the next person, but I
>> have so much code of my own to write in the meantime I have to admit it's
>> not a major urgency for me.  I'm happy they're taking the time needed to
>> implement a good design solidly.
> Sorry for not responding I've been away for a week. I think the last bit says
> exactly what the reason is. We've got the features, we've got the design
> we are just making sure it is rock solid. The implementations of the newest
> features are all looking excellent and we are very excited about them.
> They are stable, look nice and are for the most part are easier
> to use.
> In the past I've had to use developer tools which simply were not ready
> to be inflicted on the public. In order to avoid that, we (Runrev) are going
> to
> make sure that we're totally happy with Revolution 2.0 before it's released.
> As an aside thanks to all those who have demonstrated their faith in
> Revolution
> by renewing their subscriptions. I think the number of renewals indicates
> the confidence people have in 1.1.1 and the release of 2.0.
> As ever people are welcome to email me off list for clarification of any
> issues.
> Finally, I think an advert once said "The best things come to those who
> wait..." :-)
> Kind regards,
> Rod
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I do hope that you include excellent documentation. I think that  hypercard
is just about finished. A pity.
 I got a trial run of SuperCard and Revolution and Metacard. I pull my
HyperCard stacks into each application.  and see which is best for me.
Revolution wins hands down. I think that there will be many Hypercard users
starting to see the final writing on the wall and will be looking for
another programme  I also think that the vast majority of them are not
"developers" but simply  use a bit of hypertext and "go to" stuff. If you
want anything more complicated you get somebody's stack and take from it.
Rinaldi or Cooper or hundreds of others. (I am actually starting to pull
many HC stacks  across to see what works).. There are still hundreds of HC
stacks available to use and take. I don't think Revolution can do anything
like that as they were different times. However I would suggest a lot of
easy open stacks that would be good for learning (Your tutorials included in
Rev 1.1.1  don't cut it) and documentation aimed at  HyperCard users. (I
think that the market may well lie with the "normal" HC user rather than the
developers. They all pay the same amount for the Programme....but I am sure
you know more about this than I do.) Grouping  needs a lot more explanation.

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