Scaling an Image

JamesHBeckmann at JamesHBeckmann at
Sun Dec 1 21:13:01 EST 2002

 Jeanne A. E. DeVoto  helped me by providing the following:

  >>  answer file empty 
  >>  put it into thisPict
  >>  set the rect of templateimage to the rect of fld pictFld
  >>  set the filename of templateimage to thisPict
  >>  set the lockLoc of templateimage to true
  >>  create image "Holder"
  >>  wait 3 secs
  >>  hide image "Holder"
  >>  send "choose browse tool" to me in 1 tick

Thanks.  However on my version of Rev 1.1 this script places the image in the 
fld rect, not scaled but forced to fit the rect ignoring the x/y ratio.  It 
also does not "hide the image" as requested.  Am I missing something?


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