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Sat Aug 31 22:28:00 EDT 2002

On 8/31/02 3:18 AM, "Dave Cragg" <dcragg at> wrote:

> At 5:39 pm -0400 30/8/02, Tim wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I asked this question before, but must have been lost in the dust of the
>> other threads, so here it is again:
>> Installed the Darwin engine properly, launched apache locally, the hello
>> world and other scripts work but the command:
>> put URL ""
>> does not work. Can anyone running Rev as faceless CGI try this or similar
>> commands? I can't get over this hump.
> The problem is that the libUrl library script isn't loaded as it's
> not part of the engine. You'll need to transfer the libUrl script and
> its properties from the revlibrary stack to a separate stack, and
> save it where the darwin engine is located. Then call  "start using"
> somewhere in your mt script before making url calls.
> Cheers
> Dave
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Can anyone at Runtime Revolution please post the libUrl library in the
Unix/Linux formats on the Rev site where the engines are. The engines alone
without the libUrl library functionality are pretty much useless. I don't
have a Unix machine to perform this feat.


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