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> put URL ""
> does not work. Can anyone running Rev as faceless CGI try this or 
> similar
> commands? I can't get over this hump.
> Thanks,
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> Tim\\

yes, i am using it on Darwin to develop CGI's and then when they are 
runnng fine, move them to my ISP's server... really speeds up dev time.

put URL ""

  Won't work the same as in Rev in faceless mode because  the library 
that processes the URL commands is not present. Assuming your goal is 
to have the CGI cause the browser to browser a specific web page that 
is not on your hard drive (which is what your example infers), you will 
have to issue an apache command

If your goal is to have the CGI "send"  a remote web page to your 
browser then try

  put "Status: 301 Moved Permanently" & cr
  put "Location: "  & newURL & cr & cr\\

In the above scenariothe CGI is not actually processing any 
html/data/file  at all, but simply tells the browser to go fetch the 
URL that you are sending to it. then the browser does the rest...  The 
status line could be different... this is just an example from a CGI 
that process's 404's and sends a new URL to the browser. \

If you are trying to generate web pages to serve up, that's different. 
Then you would need to send a file from the hard drive to the browser 
with the proper headers:

put url "file:../forms-templates/redirect_404.html" into buffer ## or 
any html file
put "Content-Type: text/html" & cr
put "Content-Length:" && the length of buffer & cr & cr
put buffer

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