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sims sims at
Sat Aug 31 07:44:01 EDT 2002

Thanks Dave,

No go, but I also tried that page with Web Devil which indicates
that it will do password & username auth and it failed in getting
that that page.

Must be a tricky business, using auth to get web pages.

Web devil also failed with cookie enabled (such as interior pages
of the New York Times) pages....but to be honest, WD doesn't make
any claims to do cookies.

I'm sure Rev has plenty of more urgent things to do than add
cookie features but it would be nice...also be nice to have sample
test pages set up to learn how this stuff works.



>Try using an ampersand to separate the fields:
>  login=sims&password=sims
>I think only the values should be urlencoded, which in this case 
>will make no difference, so it shouldn't be necessary.

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