CGI question

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Sat Aug 31 02:44:01 EDT 2002

At 5:39 pm -0400 30/8/02, Tim wrote:
>I asked this question before, but must have been lost in the dust of the
>other threads, so here it is again:
>Installed the Darwin engine properly, launched apache locally, the hello
>world and other scripts work but the command:
>put URL ""
>does not work. Can anyone running Rev as faceless CGI try this or similar
>commands? I can't get over this hump.

The problem is that the libUrl library script isn't loaded as it's 
not part of the engine. You'll need to transfer the libUrl script and 
its properties from the revlibrary stack to a separate stack, and 
save it where the darwin engine is located. Then call  "start using" 
somewhere in your mt script before making url calls.


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