text in fields (CR/LF, CR, LF) which is correct?

Dar Scott dsc at swcp.com
Fri Aug 30 17:23:01 EDT 2002

On Friday, August 30, 2002, at 11:42 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> As has been done in other cases where new behavior may require 
> substantial
> revisio to legacy code, we could consider a global property, 
> something like
> the useOldStyleConstants, so we can retain compatibility by adding 
> only one
> line of code.

Good idea.  However, some of us might mix libraries and examples 
from the new school and from the old timers.

I like:

lineEnd = 10
asciiCR = 13
asciiLF = 10

These can handle most needs.

Rev makes booing sound when CR or return are used in a script that 
is saved unless some version of legacy 'card is installed on the 
system.  And the TD has a separate page for CR and return, each, 
and each page includes a sad face in the upper right corner.

This way code can be mixed.

Dar Scott

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