Where did all my images go??

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Aug 30 16:58:01 EDT 2002

Judy Perry wrote:

> Hi Richard,
> Thanks for the reply.
>> The good news is that referenced images are used by enough people that it's
>> generally pretty solid.  Probably just a script thing or a path thing.
>> Are these paths relative or absolute?  If absolute, have you moved the
>> folder containing your stack and/or images?  If relative, what is the value
>> of the directory property when the images don't show?
> They are whatever is set in when you use the browse feature to select a
> file to which to link.  No, I did not move the images.  At least, I don't
> think I did until everything disappeared and I took this as a sign that
> perhaps I should really be doing things the other way...  I've just tried
> moving back a copy and still no go.  Is it really that picky?  If so, I
> *really* need to get with the program and import those little dudes.

I just tried your recipe and got a good result:

1. Selected an image
2. In the Properties palette I click the "Browse..."
    button in the Link To File section
3. Select the image in the GetFile dialog
4. The image is drawn as I would expect.

To test further:
5. Saved and closed the stack
6. Quit Rev
7. Launch Rev again
8. Opened the stack
   - the image is drawn.

How different is this recipe from what you're doing?
> Along some of the same lines, I did import a series of 4 images for a
> single card and set their visibles to false.  The idea is that the player
> is randomly selected for a Hogwarts House and then the appropriate House
> image is set to true.  It doesn't.  Similarly, when I import it (as
> control), I am not able to set its visible to false, either in script or
> the message box.  Is this not doable?  Shouldn't it be doable?  It's
> doable if I don't change the image's name from within Rev, but since at
> this point it's not a reference to an external file, *shouldn't* I be able
> to reset its name and refer to it by its new name?

You should.  I've been doing it here for years.  What does the script that's
not performing as you'd expect look like?

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