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Fri Aug 30 16:33:01 EDT 2002

On 8/30/02 3:21 PM, "Scott Raney" <raney at> wrote:

> On Thu, 29 Aug 2002 Tim <tim11 at> wrote:
>> After contacting my Web Host and wrangling the info from them, I found out
>> that they're using DecAlpha processors on Solaris. I didn't find the
>> appropriate rev engine for that platform on the rev site. Is there any
>> workaround or would I have to switch to different provider?
>> -- 
>> Tim
> If they really told you that, it's time to switch to a different
> provider ;-)
> You see, Solaris doesn't run on Alpha processors, only on SPARC and
> x86 processors.  Alpha processors can run Tru64 UNIX (aka "Digital
> UNIX"), Linux, and if you're really a glutton for punishment, VMS.
> The bigger problem with Alpha processors being that they were one of
> the casualties of the DEC/Compaq merger and were effectively
> discontinued several years ago (I think you can still by old stock,
> but AFAIK they've even discontinued manufacturing of replacement parts
> now).  Bottom line, you don't want to be using a hosting service that
> uses Alpha systems.  Solaris is fine, and you'll want the solsparc
> package (at least, that's what it's called in the MetaCard
> distribution).  Linux is also good, but be sure to get an ISP that has
> installed the X11 libraries.  Most do, but some don't under the
> mistaken impression that they're not needed in a server environment.
> Regards,
>   Scott

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> Scott Raney  raney at
> MetaCard: You know, there's an easier way to do that...
Thanks for the info. Rest assured that I've switched my Web Hosting provider
with much enthusiasm! It's incompetence coupled with expensiveness. I've
found another provider who's using Linux, which should be easy enough. I
guess the important part is having someone with Unix untar and upload the
engine to the server. I've done it on a Mac (os x) and it doesn't work yet.

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