Where did all my images go??

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Fri Aug 30 16:08:01 EDT 2002

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reply.

> The good news is that referenced images are used by enough people that it's
> generally pretty solid.  Probably just a script thing or a path thing.
> Are these paths relative or absolute?  If absolute, have you moved the
> folder containing your stack and/or images?  If relative, what is the value
> of the directory property when the images don't show?

They are whatever is set in when you use the browse feature to select a
file to which to link.  No, I did not move the images.  At least, I don't
think I did until everything disappeared and I took this as a sign that
perhaps I should really be doing things the other way...  I've just tried
moving back a copy and still no go.  Is it really that picky?  If so, I
*really* need to get with the program and import those little dudes.

Along some of the same lines, I did import a series of 4 images for a
single card and set their visibles to false.  The idea is that the player
is randomly selected for a Hogwarts House and then the appropriate House
image is set to true.  It doesn't.  Similarly, when I import it (as
control), I am not able to set its visible to false, either in script or
the message box.  Is this not doable?  Shouldn't it be doable?  It's
doable if I don't change the image's name from within Rev, but since at
this point it's not a reference to an external file, *shouldn't* I be able
to reset its name and refer to it by its new name?

Judy Perry

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