text in fields (CR/LF, CR, LF) which is correct? ( -Reply)

Steve Wimbrow SRWIMBRO at advo.com
Fri Aug 30 12:26:01 EDT 2002

I am out of the office this week, Aug 26-30; I will respond to your email upon my return, Tuesday, Sept 3.

Please direct all Graphics Gallery technical support issues to John Juanteguy, System Administrator, at 443-259-3580 (EST).

Macintosh Operating System questions may be directed to Steve Robinson, National Graphics Print Technical Director, at 480-443-6653, MST.

Mac Techs at other ADVO branches may be able to help you:
Pittsburgh, Mike Rose, 412-809-3287, EST
Milwaukee, Keith Marcinkevic, 414-325-2739, CST
Phoenix, Shane Morris, 602-417-1665, MST

For questions relating to Information Technology support and services, the ADVO Help Center number is 1-877-ADVOHLP (1-877-238-6457).

Thanks very much, talk to you soon.

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