VS: VS: Time from the text field?

yves COPPE yvescoppe at skynet.be
Fri Aug 30 10:09:00 EDT 2002

>just script this:
>   if offset(the system date, line -1 of fld "viestit") is 0 then put 
>empty into fld "viestit"
>This will just look for a match in the last line of that field.
>if (that is what you need) then
>     enjoy_and_be_happy
>     drop_another_line ## ;-)
>end if

Just a question :

if you script :

put system date into tdate
put last line of fld "viestit" into tLastData
put offset(tdate, tLastData) into tLine
if tLine <> 0 then
    put empty into fld "viestit"
end if

It's just the same as you write but with more details.
My question is : does it make a difference in the speed of the script ???

this sample works on a little data, so the comparison of time 
consuming in this case will be difficult to test, but on a big file 
for example, would it be faster to write a script as you do or there 
would be any difference in time with my script ??

any idea ?


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