Recording and playing sounds

Carsten Levin carstenlist at
Fri Aug 30 05:17:01 EDT 2002

Hi Mark ... and everybody :-)

Thanks for the advice on how to get better/acceptable quality. We are having
the same problem ...

And regarding your question on recording with ext_recordsound ... no the
recording is stopped ... it is controlled by the pallette called by the
external ... record/stop/playback.

Best regards

Carsten Levin

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> Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 16:03:46 +0900
> Subject: Re: recording and playing sounds
> From: mark mitchell <cowhead at>
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> Carsten wrote:
>> if platform() is "MacOS" then
>>       get extInit(MacinfoBA,3050298)
>>         put  glbstilfilsti & "ress/sounds/opgavelyde/" & glbLydnavn &
>> ".aif"
>> into tempLYD
>>     ext_recordSound tempLYD,1
>>     play tempLYD
>>     wait until the sound is done
>>   else
>>     answer "Optagelse af indtalt lyd kan kun ske under Mac OS" with OK
>>   end if
>> end srtrecordsound
> I thought even with that external you had to Stop recording at some
> point.  You seem to be recording and playing the sound simultaneously,
> and never stopping.  There's something weird there.
> I had had problems in OSX getting record sound to work, as the 'quality'
> setting did not seem to be recognized, and always reverted to the
> worst.  I got around this using the 'do' command:
> put "record sound file zaFile as zaFormat with" && zaQual && "quality"
> into zaMan
>      do zaMan
> Using the above script, you can set any path to zaFile,  any 4character
> codec to zaFormat (with new QT6, MP4 is available here!) and  good,
> better or best to zaQual.   But you still have to "stop recording"
> before you try to play it back, me thinks.
> good luck
> mark mitchell
> Japan

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